Vat Xiengthong

Near the northern tip of the peninsula formed by the Mekong and Nam Khane rivers, Vat Xiengthong (off vxtSakkarin Rd.) is Luang Prabang’s most magnificent temple.

 Built in the 16th century at the behest of King Sayasetthathirath and completed in 1560, this temple is one of the most beautiful examples of Buddhist art and architecture in Laos.

The “sim” - main sanctuary, represents classic Luang Prabang temple architecture, with its sweeping roofs, and its rear wall features an impressive tree-of-life mosaic, whose pattern has been copied and become popular in art works in the region.

Near the structure stands the chapel of the royal funeral chariots, which was built in 1962. It houses an impressive funeral chariot and various funeral urns for senior members of the royal family. The exterior of the chapel features gilt panels depicting erotic episodes from the Ramayana.

Vat Xiengthong used to be under the royal patronage until 1975.