After savouring the eyes with the sightseeing, now let’s take a culinary tour of local food. Luang Prabang has its unique cuisine. The local food is intricate and time-consuming, developed through different stages by court cooks and local palates.

Among the rich repertoire of local food, here are some recommended dishes:

Orh Lam – soup and stew of vegetable, herb and meat, or chicken or pork.

Mok Pafork – steamed mixture of minced fish, eggs and pork in banana leaf wrappings.

Say Oua – local flavour of sausage, mostly made of buffalo meat and pork.

Mou Neme – ground fried rice mixed with boiled pork skin and pork wrapped in lettuce, cabbage leaves in morsels.

Larb is the national dish of Laos (essentially it is a salad made from meat or fish which is cured in lime juice and mixed with chopped mint and coriander, lemongrass, chilli, galangal and roasted rice powder). Larb has different versions of different regions of the country.

Papaya salad of local flavour – Luang Prabang has its Nam Pou – crab concentrate - to add unique flavour to the dish.

Cheo Bong – chilli sauce mixed with different sort of different herb and slices of dried buffalo skin.

Khay Phene – dried sheet of algae/river weed sprinkled with sesame seeds. To prepare it, it must be fried “briefly”.

Nang GnamBuffalo skin put in a fire. It can be eaten with steamed sticky rice or as a side dish eaten with alcohol.