Meuang Ngoi

In recent years, this remote village, sitting beneath a jagged backdrop of saw-toothed karsts, has enjoyed a heavy influx of travellers. There’s something delightful in its seclusion – no real roads, and only accessible by boat.

Meuang Ngoi was a scene of heavy bombardment by the US Air Force during the Indochina War since it was part of the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail – a major supply route of the North Vietnamese army in their struggle during the war.

The relaxing village of Meuang Ngoi in Luang Prabang province is an easy-going place where the day begins when the sun rises and ends with the light. There are not many material comforts. It's also blessed with astoundingly beautiful mountain and river scenery.

Beyond sitting around, eating and absorbing the scenery, there are mountains to climb, a waterfall and caves to explore. These caves are tourist attractions, and are often included in day trips and trekking excursions. Tubing is another option of excursions to drift down the river and explore river life.