“Tard Kwangsy” Waterfall

About 29 km south of town, Kwangsy makes an excellent daytrip.

It is a must-visit waterfall in the itinerary of tourists to Luang Prabang. The waterfall is at its most picturesque during the wet season. However it can be visited year-round.

It’s a great place to wash off the heat, with its multi-tiered cascade tumbling over limestone formations into menthol green pools. The falls themselves are set in a large clean forest with a slippery path that leads to their vertiginous summit. On arrival, visitors will be greeted by vapour of the water from the falls even 20-30 metres away.

Near the entrance are enclosures housing bears rescued from poachers.

For lunch there’s a little market outside the park gates where you can buy some food, particularly grilled chicken, rice, papaya salad, and drinks.