Vat Visounnarath

It is to the east of the town centre and originally constructed in 1513, which makes it the oldest operating temple of Luang Prabang. It was rebuilt in 1898 following a fire in 1887 started by a marauding gang of robbers from Yunnan, southwestern China, who were known as the Black Flag Hor.

This temple has its unique design and architecture, which is assumed to be of Lao Phouane - a large ethnic group in the neighbouring Xiengkhouang province. The windows of the ordination hall, with the wooden railings, are different from others in Luang Prabang. Inside you can admire ancient statues and steles.

For some time it housed the Phra Bang Buddha image.

In front of the sim is “That Pathoum” (Lotus Stupa) also known locally as “That Markmo” Water Melon Stupa, which was built in 1514.

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